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A first for Switzerland: Siemens Healthineers and Clinica Luganese Moncucco agree on a technology partnership

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  • A five-year technology partnership to ensure continued high quality of care
  • Agreement includes extensive training and professional development program and will improve systematic knowledge transfer
  • First Value Partnership in Switzerland

Siemens Healthineers and Swiss private hospital Clinica Luganese Moncucco signed an agreement to enter into a technology partnership. The five-year arrangement covers a number of areas. Siemens Healthineers will provide an individual training and professional development program for hospital employees. The content, customized to meet the hospital’s needs, will be provided via both online and classroom courses. This will enable as many employees as possible to participate in training and also avoid lengthy absences. The program will include compulsory radiation protection courses. For hospital radiology services, the partnership agreement includes a program for collaborative analysis and improvement of clinical processes and workflows, and technical servicing of all imaging devices and systems. In this way, the hospital aims to maintain quality of care while improving device availability and reducing operational complexity. For Siemens Healthineers, this is the first Value Partnership in Switzerland.

“By entering into this partnership with Siemens Healthineers, we want to ensure the high quality of our services and continue to improve patient satisfaction,” says hospital director Christian Camponovo. “We can reach many of our employees with this innovative training program and make access to knowledge easier.” With about 200 beds and some 750 employees, the Clinica Luganese Moncucco in Lugano is one of the largest private hospitals in Switzerland.

“We are proud of this contract,” comments Marcel Baumgartner, Managing Director (CEO) of Siemens Healthineers in Switzerland. “It’s our first technology partnership in the country, and the question of training played an important part in the negotiations. As part of this Value Partnership we will be working with software-based analysis tools that will help the hospital structure its clinical workflows even more efficiently.” Siemens Healthineers will also be responsible for multivendor servicing and maintenance of all medical imaging systems. A Siemens Healthineers service employee will be responsible for implementation at a local level. The result will be a reduction in unexpected device outages and an improvement in availability.
An important element in the partnership is the extensive training program aimed at technicians, radiologists, and management. The course content, tailored for the Clinica Luganese Moncucco, will be provided by trained professionals via both online and on-site courses, and will include a mix of strategic, clinical, and technical subject matter. Compulsory courses on radiation protection will also be a part of the training program. Siemens Healthineers will support the systematic professional development process with its proven software-based training tool PEPConnect. This will extend the pool of employees who can participate in the training program, help reduce absences from work, and contribute to the creation of a systematic learning management system for the hospital. The training courses are designed on a multivendor basis and will in some cases be made available by external providers.

Siemens Healthineers uses Value Partnerships to pool its expertise in technology management, digitalize healthcare, design medical facilities, and provide strategic consulting. They are long-term, result-oriented partnerships that help healthcare providers improve their enterprise value and reduce operational complexity. As part of the partnership arrangement, Siemens Healthineers analyzes and improves clinical processes, expands the portfolio of services, and extends the range of clinical opportunities. Innovative medical solutions and technologies improve the quality and accuracy of care for the entire facility.

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