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About a nerd in medtech

Deep diving into technology, understanding how things work, that’s what drives Nils Pickert. His work in robotic technology offers exactly the challenges he is looking for, since his job description is simply: Make things work.

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Published on May 18, 2021
Nils Pickert working in the test suite

As a kid, he wanted to discover the universe. No way would he work at Siemens, like his parents did. “During the 80's, when my father was working for Siemens, it felt like a big, bureaucratic company for me. I could not imagine working there and having a boring office job."

"Moreover, the department my father was working in at that time, was restructured quite often. This did not leave a good impression with me as a kid”, he remembers. While Nils is speaking, he focusses a floor to ceiling bookshelf, filled with fantasy novels, mixed in with books on philosophy, and science. The Doctor of Physics is interested in too many different areas to make them fit into a categorization system. When a friend contacted him roughly ten years ago about a position at Siemens Healthineers, he was sceptical: Do I fit? More than a decade later he is still with the company. In the end, it had not just been his passion for technology and his job, which convinced him, but also his colleagues, with whom he shares a lot of his interests.
Nils Pickert

Nils Pickert Zitat

Nils Pickert at desk

Steam rises silently from his coffee cup and keeps a miniature steam engine moving right above it. Nils ignores it, because he's concentrating on his work at the computer in front of him.

Each of his projects at work starts with an unsolved problem, a new question, and that's what fascinates him: “I want to really think things through, to understand them and try things out, and develop technology that supports and benefits people.”

Currently, he is working on further improving the interaction and communication between the Artis angiography system of Siemens Healthineers and the robotic CorPath GRX system.
“Our customers, the physicians, explain to us, what would support them in their work, and we try to implement it technically.” According to his most favorite company principle, “we listen more than we talk”, he tries to switch perspectives every day: “The work of the surgeons is tough. My wish is to offer them the best possible technological support”. With the CorPath GRX system, doctors can move a catheter or a guide wire via joystick from the control room, for example. This can take the strain out of exhausting and difficult procedures.

Nils Pickert

Whether he's sitting alone at his computer, with colleagues at a system inside the test suite, or maybe even with a customer setting up a new system, Nils' work covers many different aspects. He writes plans, organizes trials and changes things until the system runs without glitches. “Be it electronics, be it mechanics, I just want to know how stuff works. Actually, a lot of people like that exist at Siemens Healthineers, also they would not identify as ‘nerds’ probably”, he explains. The company culture is another reason, why his work brings him joy even during exhausting days.

Nils and the Catalysts

“The culture defines how we interact and it's very important to me. That’s why I became a Catalyst and share ideas and thoughts, which have helped me, with this global network."

"The sources vary a lot. Sometimes I return inspired from vacations in a nerd camp, sometimes I gain new insights while I'm working at the 'Dampfbahn Fränkische Schweiz' (old steam train in the Franconian Switzerland area in Bavaria).”

Nils Pickert with a colleague in the test suite

Nils Pickert, a nerd working in medtech

“Most people have someone in the family who has had a stroke. A good friend of mine had a minor stroke some time ago. If it'd been more severe, he would have had to be taken by helicopter on a 3-hour journey to the next hospital. And that could be the difference between life and death”, says Nils. Luckily, his friend didn't suffer any permanent damage, but this experience reminds Nils that comprehensive access to care including the necessary medical technology can't be taken for granted and reemphasizes the meaning of his work: „You can make a difference, not only as a doctor, but also as an engineer.”

Nils Pickert