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The importance of testing

A person with the COVID-19 virus on average infects two or more other people.4,5 The tricky part: While they are infectious, people are often not aware that they have the disease because they do not (yet) display any typical symptoms. Given the high infection rate and the environmental stability of the virus, it is vital to identify infected individuals as early as possible, so that patients with more severe cases of COVID-19 can receive proper treatment fast and – on a larger scale – to help reduce the overall spread of the virus. There are several testing options.

Our FTD SARS-CoV-2 test is a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. It detects viral RNA which is the genetic material of the virus and is used to confirm active COVID-19 infections in both symptomatic people and those that do not display any symptoms yet or at all. To collect a sample of respiratory secretions that can be tested for the virus, it‘s typically medical personnel that swabs a person‘s nose and throat.
COVID-19 Antibodies
This test detects antibodies that people develop as part of an immune response to a COVID-19 infection. It is used to identify both recent and prior infections. Additionally, antibody testing could provide an indication of potential immunity after an infection is resolved. To test for antibodies, a blood sample is taken.

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