siemens healthineers at ecr 2020

ECR 2020 - European Congress of Radiology

Shaping the future of healthcare
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Shaping the digital transformation of imaging

This year’s ECR was special: The first time it has been held as a fully digital congress. Through Expert Talks, symposia and 1:1 interactions we had great conversations as we focused on the digital transformation of imaging and therapy to improve patient care in Radiology. We look forward to supporting you in the use of data-driven decisions to provide better outcomes and increased efficiency, during times of critical demand, recovery and normalization of operating with COVID-19.

Thanks to those that joined us at this year’s ECR and for those that were unable to, you can explore all the Expert Talks below, and if you want us to get in touch, just click the contact button.

siemens healthineers at ecr 2020

Discover how digital twins1 and pathway companions will fundamentally change medicine.

Watch the ECR 2020 plenary lecture of Bernd Montag, CEO of Siemens Healthineers, who shared his insights of Digitalisation: the journey to a more human healthcare.

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Did you miss the live demonstrations on our products? See our recordings and get insights in our offerings to improve patient care in Radiology.

New ERA of ACUSON Ultrasound Systems

Siemens Healthineers ushered in a new era in ultrasound, dedicated to providing exceptional imaging for early detection, diagnosis and timely treatment. Join us to see what our new generation ultrasound systems can do and how they benefit your patients.


The era of intelligent imaging: a new approach to scanner operation.

AI as part of the radiologist’s life

The reading pace in conventional chest imaging is high, according to studies the median reading time is less than 3 minutes. Millions of chest x-rays are taken per year and diagnostic errors may occur as findings may be missed. Learn how the new member of the AI-Rad Companion family can support here.

Rapid Activation Management Consulting

Delivering on the need for increased treatment capacity with Rapid Activation Management Consulting Services.

Fast AI Prototype implementation

How Siemens Healthineers is helping top research facilities to explore COVID -19 and its related symptoms through a fast roll-out of the CT pneumonia analysis using the Digital Marketplace - OpenApps infrastructure.

Fast tomosynthesis reading supported by AI

AI-powered interactive decision support can help with the increasing workload in mammography screening and diagnostics. The number of cases is expected to surge once screening picks back up after COVID -19, and smart solutions can help with triaging.

Remote scanning assistance

How syngoVirtual Cockpit is already helping in the “new normal” routine to cope with staff shortage, varying levels of technologists skills and different scan quality across the entire fleet.


Mobile CT imaging for your Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients.

AI-powered decision making

At Siemens Healthineers, we believe that digitalization of healthcare and AI-technology can contribute significantly to decision making along the entire patient journey.

The future of CT for Radiation Therapy

Discover a new world of CT Simulation for Radiation Therapy planning with the new SOMATOM go.Sim and SOMATOM go.Open Pro. Learn from our customers how these two dedicated and integrated solutions for RT help you to reduce errors, drive precision and push the boundaries for challenging cases in your RT planning workflow.

Artificial Intelligence in PET/CT Imaging: Lesion Scout with Auto ID

Identifying relevant uptake areas is important in reading oncology images. Lesion Scout with Auto ID is an AI-based application that automatically identifies and classifies PET uptake, potentially providing major advantages over laborious manual steps. Hear about our latest innovations in AI for molecular imaging during this short talk and demonstration.

Moving the needle in MRI productivity

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an increased need for delivering higher productivity in MRI to overcome the backlog of postponed exams.

‘pop-up’ facilities during COVID -19

How temporary ‘pop-up’ facilities help to care for more COVID -19 patients and increase capacity for care provision.

Biograph Vision™ PET/CT Product Overview

Our Biograph Vision™ PET/CT scanner empowers you to see a whole new world of precision. It goes beyond digital to reveal the bigger picture, maximize efficiency, and help you to better understand disease progression. This short video walks you through Biograph Vision’s key features and benefits.

Structured Reporting transformation

Actionable Radiological Reports: Rewriting the rules with Siemens Healthineers Advanced Visualization solution and Smart Reporting. Experience synergies and interoperability between reading and reporting from an imaging science to a data science fully integrated solution.

Remote healthcare–Breakthrough, finally?

Remote healthcare has been around for a while. During the COVID-19 pandemic it was and continues to be vital to protecting healthcare professionals, ensuring business continuity and even adding peak capacity. It is likely to stay.

COVID -19 | Top of mind: Protecting staff

How to protect healthcare professionals in times of the global COVID -19 pandemic.

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siemens healthineers ecr 2020

Digitalization is the key to increase efficiency. Within the healthcare system, healthcare providers can leverage their workforce and assets to streamline clinical operations. In times before and acutely during COVID-19, maintaining a safe and operational skilled workforce is a challenge. Our solutions look to boost your workforce productivity to ensure a highly effective healthcare system. As a technology leader, our goal is to empower radiologists and other healthcare providers to make the right decision at the right time for every patient – efficiently. Shaping the future of healthcare.

siemens healthineers ecr 2020

Expanding precision medicine is key to providing better outcomes. It begins with having more accurate data available. Our intelligent imaging technology allows healthcare providers to consistently gather comprehensive data and details for every patient, supporting treatment decisions, especially relevant during times of high demand, such as COVID-19 treatment decisions for ventilations and treatment monitoring. Artificial intelligence assists radiologists to integrate this data and to extract actionable insights, helping to guide the right clinical decisions, as seen in supporting the high volume of additional lung imaging cases during COVID-19 and in being prepared for the future need to effectively reduce the radiology procedural backlog.

siemens healthineers at ecr 2020

How are hospitals managing the COVID-19 crisis? What has changed in everyday clinical life? Learn more in a new podcast series with Managing Board Member Christoph Zindel and renowned guest experts.

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siemens healthineers at ecr 2020

AI-Pathway Companion

AI-Pathway Companion facilitates personalized and standardized diagnosis and treatment decisions along disease-specific care pathways.

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siemens healthineers at ecr 2020

AI-Rad Companion

AI-powered, cloud-based augmented workflow solutions help provide automatic post-processing of images and reduction of repetitive tasks.

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siemens healthineers at ecr 2020

An icon of innovation

Minimally invasive interventions hold a vast potential for growth and innovation: the ARTIS icono family was designed to help you realize that potential.

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siemens healthineers at ecr 2020

Exciting news in Computed Tomography 

Intelligent navigation in CT. SOMATOM X.cite with myExam Companion allows users of any skill level to unlock the full potential of this CT scanner by guiding them through any procedure. Intelligent imaging. Excellence empowered.

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