ECR 2020 - European Congress of Radiology

Shaping the future of healthcare

The European Society of Radiology announced to not to hold an onsite European Congress of Radiology in 2020 given the development of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead the ECR 2020 will go ahead as an online congress taking place on July 15-21, 2020.

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Shaping the digital transformation of imaging

At ECR, we focus on the digital transformation of imaging and therapy to improve patient care in Radiology. Our aim is to help provide better outcomes and increased efficiency, during times of critical demand, recovery and (the new) normalization of operating with COVID-19. Join us at this year’s ECR to see how we are expanding precision medicine and transforming care delivery, helping you to make the right decision at the right time for every patient – efficiently. Shaping the future of healthcare.

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siemens healthineers at ecr 2020

Hear from Bernd Montag the CEO of Siemens Healthineers at the ECR Plenary Lecture. He shares his insights on Digitalisation: the journey to a more human healthcare.

siemens healthineers at ecr 2020

How are hospitals managing the COVID-19 crisis? What has changed in everyday clinical life? Learn more in a new podcast series with Managing Board Member Christoph Zindel and renowned guest experts.

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siemens healthineers at ecr 2020

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siemens healthineers at ecr 2020

The future of lung disease assessment: How a global pandemic, international collaboration and rapid AI development are creating a ‘new normal’.

Meet world leading experts in AI, including Dr. Dorin Comaniciu (Siemens Healthineers Princeton), a clinical AI expert and a lung expert from clinical research. Participate in an open discussion about AI, collaboration and the future role of CT in reference to the world’s new normal of COVID-19.

siemens healthineers at ecr 2020

Risk-adjusted strategies and the potential of Artificial Intelligence in breast cancer screening

Join our Satellite Symposium to stay at the forefront of breast care. Dr. Ritse Mann, Nijmegen, and Prof. Dr. Francesco Sardanelli, Milan, will give insights about risk-adjusted breast cancer screenings, AI assisted imaging-based stratification of women to screening cohorts and the new guidelines on breast cancer screening and diagnosis from the European Commission Initiative on Breast Cancer (ECIBC).

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